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The Schools dashboard shows COVID-19 data for schools and their surrounding communities. Select a specific county using the map on the left. This selection will display county-level COVID-19 activity and cases in every school in the county.

The set of dashboards below is designed to provide an overview of the current and past state of COVID-19 in New Hampshire. Click between tabs to learn more about each dashboard. Users can also download raw CSV files of the data behind each visualization by clicking the download icon associated with each chart.

Are the University of New Hampshire's COVID-19 testing results integrated in the SONH COVID-19 Dashboards and press announcements?

Testing metrics on these dashboards may not exactly match information provided in the daily press release since UNH COVID-19 negative test result data is not yet fully integrated into the Public Health systems. UNH and DHHS are collaborating on an automated process to integrate testing information. Until this integration is complete, existing dashboards will report positive results from UNH's COVID-19 testing. Information including combined SONH and UNH COVID-19 PCR tests and test positivity rate can be found here: New Hampshire Antigen and PCR Test Results with All University of New Hampshire Test Included and UNH's COVID-19 Dashboard is available here:

How are Cases in Schools Reported?

Cases are reported on the schools dashboard once DHHS has conducted a case investigation and the case has been confirmed positive. The cases are included on the schools dashboard if the infected individual lives in New Hampshire and is both associated with a school (includes both staff and students) and confirmed to have been physically present on campus, or physically participating in group school activities (e.g., sports). Only cases reported during the current school year (on or after August 1, 2020) are shown. Note: This may differ from other school-based reporting which can include presumed positive cases of COVID-19 or individuals associated with schools who were never physically present on campus or who live out of state.

Why don't all metrics match exactly between dashboards and between days when the dashboard is viewed?

New Hampshire's goal is to provide accurate and up-to-date information as quickly as possible. This can lead to circumstances where information is available in some contexts, but not others. For example, only partial demographic information may be available for some cases at a particular point in time. However, this type of information is continuously being updated as new information becomes available through ongoing public health case investigation and outreach. Explanations are provided within the dashboards when these circumstances arise. Additionally, data fixes and improvements may lead to certain previously displayed data to be updated with more accurate or complete information.